Jan Beneke

Scientific Cordinator, Hannover Medical School

Since Juli 2016, Dr. Jan Beneke isresponsible for the Medical Informatics and Process Development in theTransplantation Centre at Hannover Medical School. After the Medical StateExamination, he focused his professional path on Medical Informatics.


His tasks are the planning,coordination and execution of research projects, development and programming ofthe clinical information system SAP and Medical Data Management itself.Scientific activities furthermore cover programming of interactive, proceduralroutines for data handling and statistical analysis in SAS and other programs,including advanced macro language.


Teaching those techniques tocolleagues and students is part of his academic routine. Academic activitiesalso cover the attendance at two different, regular biweekly colloquiums fordoctoral candidates on the one hand and interdisciplinary biostatistics topicsand collaborations on the other hand.


Novel structures are currently being developed to establish a newComprehensive Transplant Centre at Hannover Medical School with start inJanuary 2018. Jan Beneke is strongly involved in the development of strategy,organizational structure, medical data management and research concepts.

Since 2018, he is also working in Quality Assurance for the Departmentof Heart, Thoracic, Transplant and Vascular Surgery for which he will beresponsible from October 2018 on. His tasks include supervision of externalquality assurance, initiation of internal process improvement and scientificanalyses.

Biography coming soon...